This historic Cypress park takes you back to its bustling days in the 1800s

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Thursday, September 3, 2020
Step back into time: Visiting Cypress Top Historic Park
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If you're looking for a safe place to take your family while also learning a little bit of history, watch the video above as ABC13 Plus Cypress takes you on a tour of the Cypress Top Historic Park.

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- Looking for a safe place to take your family? Cypress Top Historic Park is open for small groups during this pandemic.

"Since we live in the Cypress area, we've always wondered about the old gas station and the old building next door," said Michael Hecht, who brought his son. "We're like, 'let's go ahead and see about maybe taking a tour,' and finally today is the day."

The park features eight historic buildings, including a historic home, dance hall, and general store. The area was bustling back in the 1800s, when the railroad was first built in Cypress.

"My mother moved out here with me and my brother when I was five. He was three," explained Joyce Zaboroski Kleb, who now heads the Cypress Historical Society. "And we grew up in the Juergen home with my mother and my grandmother and some uncles."

Her family donated the property to Precinct 3 in 2005.

"My brother and I, we grew up in the house and in the store," Zaboroski Kleb said. "Even at a young age, we waited on people. Hey, think back 80 years. It was very country out here!"

Visitors must follow social distancing rules.

For more information visit Cypress Top Historic Park's website.

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