Amusement park owner puts toilet paper, hand sanitizer inside claw game

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020
ABC13's The Midday
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Here's the headlines you need to know this afternoon.

UNITED KINGDOM (KTRK) -- The coronavirus outbreak has sparked panic across the world, and now people are stocking up on toilet paper and cleaning products.

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A park owner in the UK is poking fun at the grocery store chaos by putting toilet paper and cleaning products inside of a toy-grabber machine.

Rob Braddick is the owner of Braddick's Holiday Park which is located in the southwest of England.

The grabber machines used to contain Frozen 2 or Peter Rabbit toys, but those have been replaced with two very sought after sanitary products.

For the hand sanitizer, the cost is the equivalent to a $1.30.

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So, if park visitors are feeling lucky, you can get a deal on the products that have been running in short supply at stores.

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