3 over-the-top food trends you have to check out

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're a true foodie, you're always up to try out the latest in tasty treats. Here's what's trending in the land of food and drinks.

For the coffee lover:

Starbucks is offering a Black Friday deal that keeps on giving.

The coffee company announced it will be selling a "brewed refill tumbler" that will afford the owner free coffee or tea refills through the month of January.

The grande-sized gray travel cup will be available at company-operated and licensed stores beginning November 26 for a cost of $40.

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For the taco lover:

Taco Bell is stepping into the chicken sandwich fray, but not exactly with a chicken sandwich.

The fast food chain announced it is currently testing out crispy tortilla chicken: It's chicken strips breaded with jalapeno buttermilk and tortilla chips.

Taco Bell says you can get them stand alone or in a flour tortilla. They're rolling out the crispy tortilla chicken in Houston and Dayton, Ohio to start.

For the cookie lover:

This may not be an edible treat, but it can make you stand out at your next party by wearing your love for Oreo cookies!

The company launched an entire line of sweaters and "pajamaralls", which is a combination of pajamas and overalls.

Here's the best part: the pajama top has a pocket for cookies! This get-up may cost you. They're priced between $60 and $120.

You can fin them on Shinesty's website. You even have a chance to get $10 off your order.

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