Gov. Greg Abbott addresses top COVID-19 concerns after saying lockdown may be next

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Thursday, July 16, 2020
Gov. Greg Abbott addresses top COVID-19 concerns
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Is there a situation in Texas where the governor will issue a shutdown? Plus, for those with children in school, what's changed that now it makes sense to open up school across the state? Watch Gov. Abbott's full responses in the video above.

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- With city and county leaders, along with health officials and Houston-area school districts, urging for a shutdown, Gov. Greg Abbott took time to address their concerns in an interview with 13 Investigates' Ted Oberg.

The interview comes just four days after Abbott reiterated Friday afternoon that things will continue to get worse. And if people keep flouting his new statewide mask mandate, he said, the next step could be another economic lockdown.

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Ted: "Is it time to give [city and county leaders] the authority to close the economy down?"

Gov. Abbott: "If we were to shut down for two weeks, as some people are asking, once we open back up, you will then see things begin to spread again. That's exactly what they've seen in California, what they've seen in Louisiana, what they're seeing in Illinois, what they're seeing in other countries. And that is, until there are medications to slow the spread of the coronavirus, there's only one thing that can slow the spread. That is by people adopting the use of wearing a face guard of some sort whenever they go out."

Ted: "Can you ever see a situation in Texas where you will issue a shutdown?"

Gov. Abbott: "Remember this very important fact: it takes 2-3 weeks to see the results of these orders that have been put in place. Before the face mask order went into effect, there was also the order about shutting down bars that has an enormous, positive effect because we know that bars were areas, in Houston and elsewhere, where there were situations that led to the transmission of COVID-19. These two practices together, shutting down bars and people increasingly adopting the practices of wearing a face mask, these are best practices that will allow us to reduce the spread of the coronavirus."