Off-duty cop getting takeout stops Philadelphia robbery; 1 suspect dead

PHILADELPHIA (KTRK) -- Philadelphia police say one suspect remains at large after an off-duty detective shot and killed a gunman during a pizza store robbery.

Police officials say the detective was picking up food late Thursday when two men entered the store and put a gun to his head.

They say the pair forced him to the floor and took $20 from him before the detective identified himself and pulled his weapon.

Chief Inspector Scott Small says one suspect fired two shots from point-blank range before the detective returned fire.

Police say the pair then fled Rising Sun Pizza before the wounded 33-year-old suspect collapsed and died.

His name has not yet been released. Police have recovered his weapon. WPVI-TV in Philadelphia reports that one of the suspects was carrying a revolver loaded with blanks.

Authorities say the detective, pizza shop owner and an employee were unharmed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report
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