Driver captures road rage incident on camera

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Derrick Below says he got into a heated exchange near Logenbaugh and Frye Road Thursday night.

"I'm about to cause a scene, so police can search your car," he told the driver.

Below says the driver of an over-sized truck started flashing his lights and swerving, just before pulling up beside him.

"I was cruising on 45. I saw his window going down and I'm like, 'Hey man, why are you flashing your lights at me?' and he was like, 'Get it get off your phone, you need to hurry up,'" he added.

Below says he wasn't on his phone and was only going the speed limit. Below told the driver that, but then he says the man pulled out a gun.

"His truck was jacked up so, he raised up and leaned in the passenger side area and all I could see was his face in the gun barrel," added Below.

Below says the truck driver speeds off, but then pulled back beside him. Below starts to record, and the man in the truck starts to change his tone.

"Let's just forget about it. Can I apologize to you and you accept my apology as a man?" he asked. "I said I'm sorry and I overreacted," added the truck driver.

"No dude. I'm calling the cops. I'm on the phone with them," said Below.

The truck driver then says, "I've got two babies in the truck."

"I don't care. You pulled a gun on me dude," replied Below.

Below called 911 while following the man, trying to get his license plate. Precinct 5 deputy constables arrive on scene. They found the truck driver at home but no gun was found in his truck. Officers came back to talk with Below.

"He said, 'Well that guy told me a whole different story' and he says 'You could be in a lot of trouble.' They said that we were all on the phone with the district attorney and he was saying that by me following the guy to his neighborhood that I was in the wrong for doing so," said Below.

Below says the officers refused to make a police report.

"In this case, the criminal won. He got away with showing the weapon just because he made it home before the cops made it there," said Below.

So why wasn't a police report filed? I got on the phone with the constables at Precinct 5 to get answers. The chief said, "We are aware of this complaint and our administration feels a report should have been done due to the fact there was threat of violence. We apologize to the complainant."

Police met back with Below and a report was made. They now plan to further investigate the case.
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