Wigs and hair extensions gaining popularity as COVID-19 cases go up

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A southwest Houston hair salon owner says changing her business model has helped keep employees on board and customers satisfied during this pandemic.

The answer?


"It's more than just hair. When you look good, you feel good," said Britney Winters, the owner of Upgrade Salon. "We offer multiple different textures because our wigs are tailored to everyone."

Upgrade Salon permanently closed its doors and moved online when Governor Abbott first shut down salons in March.

Some stylists didn't feel safe working.

"We come in contact with so many people throughout the day and we honestly don't know where they've been, what precautions they have been taking, you know, stuff like that," explained stylist Dwain Thomas. "I have to go home to my family. I have a baby, I have a five year old and it's just like I don't want to expose them."

The new online business means customers can pick out details for wigs and extensions, then meet virtually with stylists who help create looks.

Wigs and extensions have gotten more popular as the months go by, with a huge increase over the past few weeks as cases have gone up.

"You have to do something to uplift yourself," Thomas explained. "If you're looking like how you're feeling...you're just making this whole experience worse than what it is."

More info: https://upgradeboutique.com/
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