West University mom thanking healthcare workers with illustrated signs

WEST UNIVERSITY PLACE, TX (KTRK) -- You know how there's always that one house on the block that everybody loves going by? In West University, it's the Goldstein's.

"My husband has done all the back end stuff. My kids have delivered multiple signs. My dad is my go to Houston delivery person," explained Robyn Goldstein. "It's just amazing to drive around the city and just to see your artwork!

Goldstein is a lot of things, including a lawyer, small business owner, and mother.

But, just like all of us, she has been home a lot lately. She's used her extra time to create what she calls "Yard Peeps."

"I sort of just put it out there to friends and said, 'hey would y'all be interested if I made this into a yard sign?' That was on a Saturday night at five o'clock and by 7 o'clock we had 100 people saying they wanted the signs," she said.

Since May 2nd, she's sold more than 3500 signs to customers in all fifty states.

She started out with one thanking front line workers.

But, as the weeks have gone on, the world has changed.

She's now also making signs supporting "Black Lives Matter."

And proceeds go toward relevant nonprofits.

"I'm giving people the opportunity to publicly say, 'thank you' and to show and express the way that they're feeling," Goldstein said. "So, my art is a way to do that and that's a really cool thing."

More info: https://yardpeeps.com/
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