Crime Stoppers urges community to stop 'COVID-19 shaming'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- There's a growing dispute over face masks and social distancing, leading to more anxiety and division in the community.

Arguments over masks have even led to shootings and a death in some parts of the country.

This type of hostility linked to the COVID-19 pandemic is what Crime Stoppers refers to as 'coronavirus shaming.'

On Friday, Crime Stoppers held a virtual meeting to discuss concerns, calling on the public to be more thoughtful and less judgmental toward others during these times.

"There's nothing wrong with sharing your feelings and your concerns," said the CEO of Crime Stoppers Rania Mankarious. "You tell your employer 'I don't feel comfortable coming in. I'm scared. I have anxiety,' That's okay. But to take it to the next level of criticizing, attacking and tearing apart the person you're speaking to is where you start to lose credibility. You start to lose the listening ear and you've already shut the door to making any change."

Harris County mask order is set to expire next week, but there's no strict enforcement of the rule.

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