320 face Harvey-related crime charges in Harris County

In Harris County, 320 people are accused of taking advantage of Hurricane Harvey to commit crimes.

According to the District Attorney's office, some of the alleged crimes include looting businesses, stealing an ATM, and kidnapping a man while pretending to wave him down for help during the storm.

"On top of taking advantage of the people who were suffering through that, just citizens, you're diverting police away from saving people's lives," explained Cameron Calligan, the
Organized Crime, Robbery, and Burglary Section Chief at the DA's office. "As we all know, unfortunately, a lot of people lost their lives."

The suspects will face much stiffer punishments than usual because of state laws during times of crisis.

"Instead of the person being eligible for the punishment range for a state jail felony, if convicted, which is 180 days to 2 years in jail, that punishment range would be bumped up to a third degree felony, which is two years to ten in prison," explained Calligan.
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