Dine-and-dash dater strikes again

LOS ANGELES, CA (KTRK) -- A man who meets women online, then dines and dashes while on the date, has struck again.

A woman thought she was just going on a typical blind date with Paul Gonzales.

"He said 'Are you available at all this weekend for dinner?' I said 'Yes, how about Sunday?' " said the woman, who did not want to be identified.

The woman says they met on the dating app Bumble, though he called himself Dave Gonzales, and has since taken down his profile.

They met for dinner and he ordered right away. She says after he scarfed down most of his meal, he got up.

"He left maybe half a baked potato and then received a phone call and said 'I need to take this call,' " the woman recalled.

She says he never returned, leaving her with the bill.

"The waiter came back and said 'He's not out there. Is this a first date? And I said: 'Yes, this is a first blind date, and he said, 'He's gone.' "

Shocked, she went online and discovered our previous stories about Gonzales, how he had dined and dashed last summer, leaving at least two other women with large bills.

"I was shocked that anybody would do this. And I even texted him, 'Is everything OK?' And obviously he never responded," she said.

Police say he also committed a snip and ditch when security video caught him leaving a hair salon after getting a cut and color last year.

According to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, 44-year-old Gonzales has two bench warrants out for his arrest after not showing up to court for petty theft and driving without a valid license. Records show he's already been to jail several times for misdemeanor arrests.

The woman says the restaurant was nice enough to comp Gonzales' meal. She just had to pay for his glass of wine.

Bumble has responded to the incidents on Instagram saying, "Our goal is to protect wonderful people from the ridiculous behavior permissible in the dating world. If you f*** with our incredible users, we will take you down and keep you off of Bumble. Be nice or leave or we will force you to leave. You don't get to use our platform to be creepy. That's not how this thing works. Our users' time and energy is valuable and we won't stand for anyone wasting it. We love each and every one of our users so don't mess with them. #BoyBye"

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