12-year-old CEO has big plans for startup company

ByCaitlin Knox, The Woodlands Villager
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Enzo Brazwell, pictured at his family's home in The Woodlands on Friday, Jan. 2, 2015, demonstrates how he creates his product called Freeeez-Out, which protects sprinkler backflow
Michael Minasi

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Enzo Brazwell is a new CEO of The Woodlands - and a sixth grader at Timber Creek Elementary School.

"I've been working 20 years, and I'm still not a CEO," joked Jeff Brazwell, the 12-year-old's father.

The company, Enzo's Winterizer Products, launched in November, and offers Freeeez-Out Covers - meant to go over a sprinkler backflow valve to prevent the pipe from freezing and breaking.

"Last week we turned profitable," said Enzo. "We just broke even this week."

Enzo has already filed the necessary paperwork to trademark his Freeeez-Out brand, as well as register his company as an official business, and is waiting on it to be processed.

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