Veterans get professional makeover from Dress for Success

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Veterans are getting help to relaunch their careers with a professional makeover. It's part of a non-profit called Dress for Success Houston.

But, the ladies who took part in today's event got more than just a new outfit.

Deeandra Hayes served in the Army, Air Force and Navy.

She admitted that, "My fashion sense has been out of whack for 13 years."

Deeandra has only worn a uniform since 1981. Today is the very first time she is trying on a pant suit. She said, "Right now, it's a little strange I'm looking for pockets everywhere. I'm gonna get used to it."

More than 30 veterans, all women, transformed from military life to civilian life.

Volunteer Debbie Klemcke helped pick out the wardrobe for the veterans, "When they come in and they put on a suit, the transformation is unbelievable."

Beyond looking the part, you need to act the part. Deeandra and the women spruced up their resumes and sat down for mock job interviews to be ready for the working world.

"It was a big relief to have someone knowledgeable in that experience coming out of a uniform," she said.

Check out Deeandra's before and after shot by watching the video above.

Deeandra's reaction, "Takes a little bit to learn to walk in the shoes again. But, this suit it does boost your confidence."

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