Houston car insurance rates are getting better, except for these 5 areas

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Traffic may be getting worse here in Houston, but car insurance rates are getting better. Average annual insurance premiums are down over 20% from 2019, according to insurance site The Zebra.

But, there are some neighborhoods that pay more than others.

The five Houston zipcodes that pay the most are:

  • 77091 in Northwest Houston
  • 77026 including Kashmere Gardens
  • 77038 in North Houston including part of Greenspoint
  • 77037 in the Aldine area
  • 77020 on the eastside including greater Fifth Ward.

If you are looking to lower your insurance rates, get quotes and shop around. Before you buy your next car, make sure you look up discounts and research the rates for the models you are considering.

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