'Something made him snap': Son charged in mom's brutal murder in W. Harris Co.

HARRIS COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- There are exclusive new details in a family tragedy that rocked the Alief community early Friday morning.

22-year old Blake Jefferson is accused of fatally stabbing his mother, Alief ISD Trustee Dedre Jefferson inside their townhome. ABC13 has learned that his family recently became worried about his mental health.

"At this point it's complete and utter shock," says Dedre Jefferson's long-time friend Toni Jones.

Jones is acting as the spokesperson for Jefferson's family. Normally Blake Jefferson was a happy smiling young man, who was an honors student studying education at Texas Southern University. But Dedre and her mother both noticed her son Blake was different lately, she said.

"Some things started to surface that made her say hold on we need to evaluate what's going on, I need to get him somewhere because this is not my son."

Dedre Jefferson

Dedre Jefferson

VIDEO: Pastor says stabbing suspect believed he talked to God
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A family pastor says the man accused of killing his mom was communicating with God

Sources say he ran into a local church Sunday trying to speak to the pastor and congregation about spiritual visions he'd been having. Those visions involved the numbers 7 and 3 and security stopped him before he could get in the sanctuary, those sources said. His mom was visiting that day and that she came out and acknowledged he needed to get help.

"And if I'm not mistaken, there was an appointment scheduled for today when she was taking him to see someone," Toni Jones said.

A little before 2:00 Friday morning, Dedre called her mother to say Blake was acting strange. Investigators said during that call she screamed that he was stabbing her and the call cut off. Her mom called 911 and deputies found her dead inside.

They found Blake hiding in a neighbor's closet. He'd broken into the home. That homeowner said when she told him to get out of her house, he said, "Help me. They're trying to kill me."

We asked Toni Jones if the family believes this was some type of mental health crisis.

"I believe that."

Dedre Jefferson

Dedre Jefferson/Facebook

Blake Jefferson was taken to St. Joseph's hospital. Investigators say it was for a suspected drug overdose. The family's pastor told ABC13 earlier Friday that he'd taken some of his mom's prescription meds.

Toni Jones went to visit Blake in the hospital in the hours after he allegedly killed his mother. We asked her if he knows what he did.

"He does now. I don't believe at the time that he did. But he is completely distraught," she said. "He is not talking. He is in shock."

Jones says Dedre Jefferson's mother believes something snapped.

"She is here for her grandson. She loves her grandson. And that will not waver."

Blake Jefferson is charged with murder. The Harris County Sheriff's Office told Eyewitness News that he will be released from the hospital into their custody. He will be evaluated by the jail's mental health professionals and either placed in the mental health unit or in a high-risk maximum security cell away from general population.

Alief ISD released a statement offering condolences to Dedre Jefferson's family. She served as vice president on the board of trustees.

The statement reads, in part:

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Dedré, who was a valued Alief family member and community member. Dedré was a proud Alief ISD graduate, former employee and current board member. She will be greatly missed.
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