Mom gives birth alone in living room with 911 on the phone

PORTER, Texas (KTRK) -- Within an hour of waking up on Oct. 5, a Porter woman had already given birth to her second son, alone in her living room.

Ashley Darville called 911 that morning and dispatcher Morgan Clark picked up at the emergency call center in Montgomery County.

"She was mostly just screaming," recalled Clark.

She dispatched fire crews and paramedics to Darville's home, but the baby was not waiting for them to get there.

Clark walked Darville through the birthing process over the phone.

"Even halfway through the phone call, I didn't think that I was in labor," Darville said.

Her due date was still more than three weeks away, she said. Less than 10 minutes after calling 911, Darville gave birth to her second son, Abel.

Paramedics took the mother and baby to the hospital where they stayed for three days.

Darville and Clark met in person for the first time on Friday.

"It's unique, because I've never had a 911 caller like this before," Clark said. "I'm super glad that (the baby) is healthy and everyone is happy."

Clark has helped women give birth in an ambulance before but said this was the first time she talked someone through it over the phone.

The moment she knew she had done something special was when she heard the baby cry over the phone.

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