Cricket in Texas: Businessman Tanweer Ahmed building largest complex in America

Saturday, November 24, 2018
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Businessman Tanweer Ahmed building largest complex in America

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas (KTRK) -- It's a sport that's growing in the United States, especially in the greater Houston area.

Local leaders in the sport of cricket believe the Houston area could become the cricket capital of the country.

You could call it cricket curiosity.

"Somebody's driving by and asks what are you doing? We are playing cricket. Before you know it, you have growth," said teenager Rishab Patil.

Young Houston players say they get asked about the sport by everyone, from classmates at school to people driving by.

"I feel like it's growing," said Laksh Parikh. "People are seeing it as a legitimate sport to play as a youth, like soccer was 20 years ago."

This weekend, hundreds of players from across the country are here for a cricket youth tournament.

"Everyone said the same thing about soccer some 30 years ago," said Prairie View Mayor David Allen. "Everyone asked why here and why soccer. Now those same people's grandkids are playing soccer at school and everywhere else. It's a great opportunity for the economic development."

It's the first big tournament at the new Prairie View Cricket Complex.

The complex will be the largest in the states and is only one-third complete right now.

"There's no other facility like this in the entire nation, and that's in our backyard," said Dhaval Metha with Katy Youth Soccer. "We're super excited and it's great to have support."

Businessman Tanweer Ahmed bought the 86 acres to be developed. Ahmed's vision is to have a world-class facility for cricket play.

"Houston gives us the opportunity to play all year long and that is the reason it will be the spot," said Ahmed.

Parikh added, "We're doing the same works as other sports and it's getting more popular."

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