Parents upset after bus driver refuses to take loud and unruly kids home

WICHITA, Kansas -- Some parents are upset after a school bus driver refused to take their kids home.

The children were apparently being too loud and were out of control.

When five-year-old Jesiah Hernandez wasn't dropped off at his bus stop after school, his parents started to think the worst.

"I thought it was an accident and something happened to the bus," Jesiah's father, Pedro Hernandez told KAKE.

So, they hopped into the car and started looking for him. In the meantime, they called the bus company.

"I heard her, I guess, radioing the bus route and she was just like, 'Bus route 2, route 2 where are you?' and she wasn't getting a response. By the time she came back on the phone with me, I already found the bus," said Jesiah's mother, Eileen Hernandez.

It turns out that the bus was parked just minutes from the school with students screaming to get out.

"I was scared because the bus driver was yelling," said Jesiah.

Parents were eventually called by a school representative.

They said the bus driver had pulled over because the kids were being too noisy and uncooperative.

A representative with Wichita Public Schools says the bus driver followed policy and did the right thing.

The representative also said the driver is supposed to pull over if students are out of control, posing a threat to safety, but parents say it should've been handled differently. They say they should've been called as soon as the bus pulled over, not left to wonder where their kids were for over an hour.

The Hernandezes hope this incident leads to an updated policy.

"I honestly feel like the school needs to reevaluate protocol. You have to think about the parents, you have to think about everybody involved in it. My biggest concern is just like the safety of our kids," said Pedro.