Wedding guests allegedly get food poisoning from macaroni and cheese at reception

BREWERTON, New York (KTRK) -- It was a beautiful day that turned into what you would see in a horror movie.

A couple's 2015 wedding reception was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

The bride is now suing their caterer, claiming she and 100 of their guest suffered injuries of food poisoning.

Nine ambulances rushed to the venue and a red tarp was designated as the triage for their most dire guests. Twenty-two of them wound up being hospitalized.

"It's so difficult to see not only your friends and closest family, but when you see young children, too, going through this experience. It was terrible," Jesse Abbott, the groom, said.

"I didn't imagine my wedding reception to have this happen. I didn't imagine my friends and family to become ill," Melissa Conarton, the bride, said.

Now the caterer at the center of all of this denies the allegations. However, the couple believes the macaroni and cheese was the culprit.

The health department collected samples from victims and say they all tested positive for staph, but there wasn't enough information to say the exact food source.
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