Severe storms topple trees and damage yards across northwest Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Severe weather in northwest Houston on Sunday caused several trees and branches to fall while area residents reported hail damages to some people's items.

After strong storms rolled through the area, chainsaws got busy. The clean up was necessary after a large branch near the old Pine Crest Country Club came crashing down.

"Oh my gosh! I didn't know what was going on," Joshua Divine recalled. "It looked pretty bad."

It looked bad, but the branch narrowly missed the home and vehicles nearby.

"It's pretty horrendous," Divine said. "I didn't hear the wind blow, but obviously all the trees are on the ground."

It wasn't only wild winds that caused damage.

An ABC13 viewer shared pictures of golf ball sized hail as it fell in northwest Harris County and ruined a canopy.

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Isaac Espinoza lives nearby. He was surprised he didn't suffer any property damage. "There was a window for about 45 seconds where you wanted to check out what it was because it was so loud," Espinoza recalled.

The storm was so strong that his neighborhood and front yard are littered with leaves and branches.

"Initially, it sounded like little beads hitting the window," Espinoza recalled. "I guess it was gradually increasing. It sounded like someone was throwing a ball at the wall consistently."

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