Best time to water your lawn is wee hours of the morning

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015
When's the best time to water your lawn
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When's the best time to water your lawn

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You see it almost every day -- a water sprinkler in use in the middle of the day. But experts say that is the wrong time of day to water the yard.

Tim Wintill with Doctor Sprinkler explained,"You are wasting a lot of water, when the wind is blowing you, it is blowing the water off from the destination of where it's going."

Wintill has more than decade of experience installing and maintaining sprinkler systems. He says 4am is a good time to water the lawn.

Wintill says keeping your grass watered in the wee hours of the morning will keep the lawn healthy and happy and you don't have to leave the water on a long time, 15 to 20 minutes, every other day will be fine.

Wintill said, "If you get water and it's running off your yard, it's not efficient any more. It's called runoff and it's not working any more. The ground can only absorb so much water at a time."

Wintill says late afternoon and early evenings are the worst time to water, so get a timer. But good luck finding the supplies. At some stores sprinklers were hard to find, but Southwest Fertilizer has them in stock.

Aaron Moore with Southwest Fertilizer said, "Especially over the last couple of weeks that certainly picked up quite a bit, we are not getting any rain so the demand on that is going up a lot."

Moore says as the weather turns hot and dry more people are coming in for supplies.

He said, "People are definitely starting to see now, where even if they have an in ground irrigation system, or some other sprinkler already out there certain areas are not getting hit properly are starting to turn brown."

We did stop by a Home Depot that was sold out of sprinklers over the weekend but got a big shipment over the last 24 hours.

Something else to consider, applying an organic based soil treatment to help your yard absorb the water and keep it green.

Click/tap here for the list of public water systems currently limiting water use.