Video game collector shocked after finding drugs stuffed inside game cartridges

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Possible drugs found in NES game cartridges
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Possible drugs found in NES game cartridges

A video game collector in Georgia was shocked when he opened two 1980s Nintendo games and found what appeared to be drugs packed inside.

While visiting a flea market, Julian Turner scored vintage copies of Nintendo's "Golf" and "Rollergames".

While shooting a video on the retro finds with his brother James, Turner noted something strange about the games. The region codes and weight were off.

"I noticed that they're somewhat heavy," said Turner. He decided to crack open the cartridges to take a look inside, "Yep, there's definitely something in here." "What is that?" "I have no idea."

After seeing what they suspected to be drugs hidden inside, they immediately called police. Newnan police officers responded and have opened an investigation into the substance inside the cartridges.

They said it appeared the packages had been inside the games for a very long time.