8 vehicles, including 6 Wal-Mart trucks, shot in Oklahoma

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TULSA, OK -- Authorities in northeast Oklahoma say eight vehicles, including six Wal-Mart trucks, were shot in recent days on U.S. 75 north of Tulsa and east of Skiatook.

No injuries are reported, but Tulsa County Deputy Justin Green told reporters that drivers reported hearing something hit their vehicles as they drove between 106th street north and state Highway 20 since Sunday night. Green says the shots likely came from the west side of the highway.

Green said the trucks were shot in both the trailer and cab areas and that deputies recovered bullets from the vehicles.

A Wal-Mart spokesman said the company does not believe its trucks were targeted because other vehicles unrelated to the company were also shot.

Green and Wal-Mart officials did not immediately return phone calls Tuesday for comment.

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