Houston couple Turns to Ted after waiting months for washer repair

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020
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They bought a new Maytag washer, but still had to go to the laundromat for months after issues with the spin cycle.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Sylvia and Morris Word had their new washer and dryer for less than a year when the washer's spin cycle stopped working, leaving their clothes soaking wet every time.

It was still under warranty when it broke, but when the couple contacted Maytag to ask for repairs, the repair person didn't have the parts needed to fix it right away.

"All the time they were telling us they'd been to China, they'd been to Korea, they'd been all over the world trying to find a part for this washing machine," Morris said.

The company gave the retired couple a cash card to use at the laundromat until the washer could be fixed, but Morris has been in and out of the doctor's office the last couple of months and didn't think it was the best solution.

"It's hard because we both have a lot of health problems, severe back problems. He's trying to get ready to do dialysis, trying to lift clothes and stuff, it's not good," Sylvia told ABC13's Ted Oberg. "It's not easy at all."

After months of going to the laundromat, the couple Turned to Ted.

"We didn't know where to turn," Morris told Oberg. "I had seen you on TV before helping people and I told [my wife,] 'Why don't we call Channel 13?'"

We reached out to Maytag and its owner, Whirlpool Corporation, and a spokesperson said they would get in contact with the customer and send someone out to make the repairs.

The washer was fixed, but soon broke down again. Our Turn to Ted team reached back out to the company. This time, instead of repairs, the company replaced their washer altogether. Now, the couple is happy they no longer have to make weekly trips to the laundromat.

"We appreciate everything that Channel 13 did for us," Morris said.

In a statement, a Whirlpool Corporation spokesperson said: "We regret that this consumer had a difficult experience in resolving an issue with her washer. We are pleased to have come to a resolution that she is satisfied with. We stand behind our products and encourage anyone who has questions about their Whirlpool appliance to reach out to us at 866-698-2538."

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