6 tips for traveling to Mexico

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Kids are out of school, and the busy summer travel season is here!

Eyewitness News sat down with Juan Velas, adviser to the Mexican Board of Tourism and owner of Velas Resorts to get insider tips on traveling to Mexico.

6 Tips for Traveling to Mexico

  1. Choose your dates properly

  2. "The number one would make sure you choose your dates properly. Really investigate That will give you the best deal."

    High season: Christmas to April/Spring Break
    Middle Season: Summer
    Low season: June and September

  3. Avoid tourist traps

  4. 13:09:58 Never shop in the tourist areas. Go to places that the locals go.

  5. Ask the locals for recommendations

  6. "Get advice from the locals. Not necessarily with the people that work in the hotel because some of them get commission to send you to specific places, but talk to locals! You can talk to locals in the street."

  7. Eat at local restaurants

  8. "Even if you're going to an all-inclusive, make sure you go to a place where the locals eat at least twice. It won't be expensive, but you will experience something totally different."

  9. The water is safe to drink!

  10. "It is totally untrue that our water makes you sick! You remember that episode of "Sex and the City?" It is so untrue! It's as safe as you will find it in the states. We've advanced centuries from that."

  11. Use Trip Advisor

  12. "Make sure you use Trip Advisor, it is a very good tool. I always do it. I read all the comments that come to our resorts, and I have a person that answers all of them. Having auditors for free is the greatest thing in the world. Trip Advisor is the best invention that exists! Most people didn't think that when it started because we don't like people telling us what you did wrong."
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