Truck crash on 610 E. Loop could cause hours of delays

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A major crash could have 610 East Loop clogged for hours as crews work to clear the scene.

The front of an 18-wheeler was heavily damaged after apparently crashing into the back of another semi truck in the northbound lanes at I-10 East, near Gellhorn.

TxDOT says the highway may be closed through 6 p.m. or later.

Live traffic map

A box truck is also stopped at the scene, but does not appear to have been damaged in the crash.

No injuries have been reported.

Heavy duty wrecker trucks have arrived as crews work to clear the scene.

An environmental cleanup is also underway after the non-hazardous agent PolyFlo 500 spilled from one of the wrecked trucks.

Also known as Polyethylene wax or Hydrocarbon, contact with the agent can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and digestive system, but it is generally not considered dangerous
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