Tires flattened after drivers hit road damage in west Houston

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Broken concrete left nearly a dozen drivers in need of car repairs in west Houston. (KTRK)

If you have to drive through west Houston, watch where you're going on the roads.

Nearly a dozen drivers ended up losing multiple tires after hitting a damaged patch of road on Briar Forest and South Kirkwood.

The homeowner who lives in front of the pothole said he heard tires popping all day.

As the sun fell, the problem only got worse as drivers hit what they thought was a large puddle.

But underneath that water was damaged concrete that flattened tires and sent pieces of people's cars into the roadway.

Willean Estell was one of those drivers who is now having to figure out how to get her car fixed.

"I tried to slow down in time, I wasn't able to, and it just completely popped my tire and my rim, and have to get that fixed," Estell said.

Estell said she saw eight other cars down the street after her car was damaged, all of them parked on the side of the road.

If there is a silver lining in all of this, all the drivers are safe and the City of Houston sent out crews to help tow their cars for free.

We're going to check back with the city in the morning to see what is being done to ensure this doesn't happen again tomorrow.
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