13 Investigates: Houston crosswalks have timing trouble

ByKeaton Fox and Ted Oberg via KTRK logo
Thursday, August 30, 2018
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ABC13's Ted Oberg gets to the bottom of crosswalk confusion where meters count down and abruptly hit '0.'

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- When you're driving or walking on a city street, you rely on the signals and lights to tell you when to go and when not to go.

Brilliant start to this story, right?

But after our 13 Investigates team walked onto a signal problem the city said those signals are not to be relied on.

Across Houston, people crossing streets are faced with a math crisis. We spotted crosswalk timers in at least Houston eight intersections that seem to have lost the ability to count.

We asked the city of Houston about the problem who said they weren't aware of it happening but suggested that maybe you ignore those numbers anyway.

The problem stems from the computer that runs the stoplight. It has the trouble counting, not us.

And while the numbers are off, the guy who is in charge of traffic signals across the city says if you start crossing when the numbers are flashing - you're breaking the law.

The city says if you see the problem, let them know through the 311 system.

A crew will come out to investigate.

And while the problem is potentially dangerous, we haven't heard of any injuries or crashes related to the countdown problem.

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