Election Q&A: Texas Senate District 29

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Texas House District 29

*indicates incumbent

Ed Thompson R

Occupation: Insurance agent

Experience: I have served 4 terms as the representative of House District 29. Previously served on Pearland City Council, Pearland Economic Development Corporation, Chair of the Pearland Chamber and Trustee of the Pearland ISD. I have learned to collaborate with other members of boards, councils and the legislature to do what is best for the constituent.

Website: www.edthompson29.com

What are your highest-priority agenda items?

ET: Getting the Texas Economy back on track. Creating Jobs, Supporting Public education and law enforcement, and lowering property taxes.

How will you work to build productive relationships across districts and party lines?

ET: I have worked across party lines for the last 4 sessions and will continue to do so. We don't want our Texas Legislature to operate like Washington D.C.

Travis Boldt D

Occupation: Director of home health agency

Experience: Running a small healthcare business has not only taught me how critical local businesses are to our economy, it has given me first hand experience into how broken our healthcare system is. I also have extensive experience volunteering for non-profits, such as the Alzheimer's Association, and working with grassroots organizers to improve our community from the ground up.

Website: www.Travis4TX.com

What are your highest-priority agenda items?

TB: 1) Expanding Medicaid, clamping down on prescription drug costs and insurance premiums, and ending balance billing at emergency rooms.2) Ending the War on Drugs and providing state level oversight of law enforcement. I would oppose cash-bail and for-profit prisons. 3) Promoting public education by defending funding and teachers pay from cuts. We need to remove the emphasis on standardized tests and bring life skills back into the classroom.4) Pushing for free-market solutions to Climate Change by ending $30B in oil and gas subsidies over next decade and fostering competitive markets for next generation energy production and carbon sequestration.

How will you work to build productive relationships across districts and party lines?

TB: As a small business owner, I have to work with people with different beliefs and priorities constantly. I know that there is so much more that unites us as Texans than divides as, and progress towards a thriving economy, affordable healthcare and quality education are things that transcend party lines.

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