Facial recognition cameras among Texas City ISD security upgrades

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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Texas City ISD implementing new security measures

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- It's been seven months since the deadly attack at Sante Fe High School, but parents are still worried about their children's safety.

Dennise Auzston from Texas City says she's concerned about her children's well-being.

"Whatever we need to do to help the security in our schools, I think we need to do that," she said.

Auzston has two kids who attend Texas City ISD schools.

She says the deadly attack in Santa Fe makes having faith and prayer important to her.

"I tell God, 'Don't ever take my kids from me. I couldn't do it. You would have to take me too,'" Auzston said.

Texas City ISD wants parents to know that they are making every effort to watch over students.

"The goal is to prevent anything from ever happening in Texas City. Ever," Texas City ISD executive director of security and school safety Mike Matranga said.

District officials told Eyewitness News that new security cameras with facial recognition abilities will alert administrators of suspicious people on campus.

"If they were to approach our school, the camera system would alert us based on the camera recognition software," Matranga said.

The district purchased AR-15s and new classroom door locks.

Auzston says she's all for the new upgrades, and wants to continue to see the district step their game up.

"We have to put our concern of our kids in God's hands, but we also need to do something," she said. "We've got to do something, especially if the problems are right in front of us."

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