Tesla Model S catches fire twice in 1 day in California

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Thursday, December 20, 2018
Tesla Model S bursts into flames twice in 1 day in NorCal
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A Tesla owner in Northern California says his Model S caught fire not once - but twice - on the same day.

LOS GATOS, California -- A Tesla owner in California says his Model S caught fire not once, but twice, on the same day.

The owner was driving in Los Gatos Tuesday when he got a flat tire. His car was towed to a shop, where it burst into flames.

Firefighters put out the fire but noticed it could reignite. They waited six hours for the battery to cool down before towing it to a new lot, where it caught fire again.

The owner said he just got the car three months ago and has only driven 1,200 miles in it.

Tesla is aware of the incident. The company said it is investigating and is glad to hear that nobody was hurt.