Shaving company introduces world's first laser razor

IRVINE, CA (KTRK) -- It's 2015. We have robots that clean our floors, cars that drive themselves and now lasers to shave the hair off your face.

The Skarp Razor is what may be the world's first laser razor. The inventors say a small laser on the device cuts through body hair without the need for gel, cream or even water. The company also claims the laser razor won't give you any skin irritation, razor burn, cuts or ingrown hairs.

The idea was drawn up by Morgan Gustavsson back in 2001, but he says the laser technology needed to work on human hair wasn't available at the time. In 2009, he discovered a laser wavelength that could cut any color hair and began designing the laser razor.

So how does it work? Skarp says the laser is designed to cut human hair along by targeting a certain molecule called chromophore. It's the only structure in hair shared by every human, regardless of age, gender or race. Because it targets that molecule, the laser can't enter your skin - which doesn't have chromophore - allowing the laser to melt the hair away right at the surface of your skin.

Skarp says the laser stays "sharp" for up to 50,000 shaving hours, and it's powered by a single AAA battery.

The company began raising money to get the laser razor into production on Kickstarter. It's already gone well past the fundraising goal.

Those who are interested in trying one can preorder a laser razor now for $159. null
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