Houston chef thriving with Tex-Mex restaurant in Atlanta

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Saturday, October 30, 2021
Houston chef shows Atlantans how to eat Tex-Mex cuisine
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Chef Ford Fry became popular in Atlanta thanks to his queso fundido. ABC13's Rita Garcia was there to try it and she gave it two thumbs up!

ATLANTA, Georgia (KTRK) -- A chef from Houston has become so popular in Atlanta that his Tex-Mex cuisine is thriving after a difficult time during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ABC13 met Chef Ford Fry while covering the Astros in Atlanta for Games 3 and 4.

Superica is located at The Battery Atlanta just outside of Truist Park.

"Here's a homage to Texas with things I used to eat and drink growing up," Fry said pointing at bottles of Topo Chico and Fanta.

Superica is known for its queso fundido, despite Fry saying the people of Atlanta are still working on mastering the art of eating it.

"We do everything with wood," he said as he started cooking the cheese dish. "Growing up in Texas, it's always about wood."

He added some cooked shrimp and added some smoked chili salsa before whipping out the fresh tortillas.

"I see people dipping chips in the queso fundido and I'm like 'No, that's not how you do it.' So, we do try to show them how it's done," said Fry.

For those Houstonians interested in trying Fry's popular queso fundido, there is a Superica located in The Heights.

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