Summer jobs offer opportunities not just for teens but for all workers that can change lives

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Summer jobs offer life-changing opportunities: 'I was very fortunate'
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Two Typhoon Texas employees in Katy tell ABC13 how their summer job at the water park led to life-changing career opportunities.

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- As summer approaches, there are growing job opportunities not just for young adults but for all workers that could provide life-changing opportunities.

A sign of summer is the water flowing at Typhoon Texas in Katy, a place Thao Powell thought would make a good summer job a couple of years ago.

"It was mostly for a supplemental income type of situation," Powell recalled.

Young adults make up the majority of Typhoon Texas' seasonal workers, but that didn't bother Powell.

She loved the water park's perks, culture, and opportunities. It was a seasonal job that took her to management.

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"No matter what position you hold, there's always something that you take away from it that you can take to your next job," Powell explained.

Powell's success story isn't the only one at the water park.

"I've seen team members that started here when they were 16, and they've gone onto college and graduated and become executives and professionals," Typhoon Texas Director of Marketing John Pham said.

Opportunities are available once again as Typhoon Texas is hiring more team members.

"We cultivate and teach them leadership skills so they can take back to their extracurricular activities at school," Pham explained. "Whether it's in school or their future careers."

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the unemployment rate for teens is nearly 10%, which is more than double the national average for everyone else.

Right now, Workforce Solutions is taking part in the annual Hire Houston Youth campaign.

For the next several weeks, there are employers taking part in events aimed at hiring young adults.

"Talk to them about your skills," the youth services manager at Workforce Solutions, Latoya Casimere, said. "Ask questions. Don't feel shy. Don't be embarrassed."

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As far as a resume, even if you haven't had a job, there are items you can add to it.

"There are several things that you may have done, such as babysitting, different clubs at school, different organizations you may have participated in," Casimere said.

Experts say a summer job can give you soft skills to help land future employment, or the next few months could go so well you could find a place you keep coming back to.

"I haven't left," Powell said. "That's right. It keeps bringing me back. I was very fortunate."

Summer work can give you money, skills, and a life-changing opportunity.

To learn more about these opportunities, you can take part in the ABC13 Who's Hiring job fair on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. on our website.

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