Step into the future of chicken wings at Stuff'd Wings

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Have you ever heard of a chicken wing stuffed with boudin? How about macaroni and cheese?

A new food truck in the Third Ward will make you wonder if there's anything that can't be stuffed inside a wing.

"A regular wing, it's like I can't even eat it the same anymore," laughed owner Jarrod Rector. "My customers are like, 'You have really messed me up with regular chicken wings.'"

For 12 years, Rector was an electrical designer in the oil and gas industry.

Now, he uses his engineering experience to make creative and delicious wings.

"The thing about is that we don't have a rule book or anything to show us how to do it," said Rector.

He makes wings stuffed with both chicken and seafood boudin.

On weekends, he even stuffs them with macaroni and cheese.

But, good luck trying to find out how he gets the ingredients inside!

"The reason it's such a big secret is that we've already put in paperwork for a patent for this," explained Rector. "We don't want to give away that process."

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