New downtown Houston mural shows solidarity with Ukraine

HOUSTON, Texas -- As a proud Ukrainian living in Houston since 2008, and with her family fearful for their safety every day in their native country, Iryna Petrovska Marchiano spares no words for Russia, even suggesting a boycott here in the Lone Star State.

"Every drop of Russian oil that comes to this land comes with a drop of Ukrainian blood," she tells CultureMap. "And I'm not sure Texans want to put that in their tanks."

Defiant and not content with simply checking on family daily (her cousin in the Ukraine has lost two friends to the siege) or watching the news, Marchiano has commissioned a Ukrainian peace mural downtown, located at 112 Travis St. (the old Toc Bar), to raise awareness. Adorned with the hashtag #StandwithUkraine, the mural, crafted by local artist Shelbi Nicole, is a simple, giant heart in the Ukrainian flag colors.

Marchiano has also launched a website called HTX4Ukraine. The website contains information on how Houstonians can help Ukraine citizens.

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