Klein Oak's star wrestler began her journey on the football field

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Klein Oak High School wrestling star Brianna Jones began her journey over the years, from football player to now star wrestler.

When ABC13 first profiled her in 2015, Jones wanted to be the next J.J. Watt.

"I get an adrenaline rush," Jones said during her freshman year when talking about football.

Now Jones is a ferocious wrestler with her eyes focused on state.

Jones has fond memories of those early high school days on the gridiron.

"I was trying to figure out who I was," Jones said. "When I found the wrestling after the football season, I was ready to try this. I did and I found myself completely."

Jones saw her transformation instantly, mentally and physically, losing over 40 pounds in the process.

"The conditioning was something I had to push through," Jones said. "The wrestling honestly shaved the weight off. It made me who I like being and how I like looking."

Jones has been a district champion and has a top-five finish at state. But this year, she's looking to take it all, and her demeanor has helped earn her a nickname: "Beastie."

"That's what I kind of got through football," Jones said. "I have it tattooed on my leg. It's stitched into my jacket and it's become who I am. Being a beast of nature."

Jones also has a message for all the young girls out there.

"Be who you are," Jones said. "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't be who you are."

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