Josh Reddick's special needs baseball field now open in Georgia

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Georgia (KTRK) -- Astros outfielder Josh Reddick is giving back to his hometown in Georgia. The Josh Reddick Field is now open after beginning construction in 2017. He said it is always right to give back to where you grew up.

It is the only stadium in the area that's accessible to all children with special needs. The entire field is turf, making it easier for those in wheelchairs. The dugout will also be accessible for everyone.

Thirty years ago, Reddick's father lost fingers and part of his arm in a work-related accident and Reddick said it was difficult at times. That was a factor in him wanting to give back to Effingham County.

The $1 million field has reached its opening. Reddick said it will be a bigger accomplishment to see children's joy while playing than the actual field finishing construction. He followed the opening ceremony closely while in Los Angeles for a series against the Angels.

The first game at the field was played by the Effingham County Navigators. All players wore No. 22 in honor of Reddick.
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