JJ Watt debuts newest version of signature shoe

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- JJ Watt recently took to Twitter to debut the JJ III, the newest version of his signature shoe with Reebok.

Watt has been in a partnership with Reebok since 2015.

The training shoe has been popular since its release. Watt mentioned that while the shoe has an "old school logo," it also possesses "new age technology."

He is still making it a priority to help the community. A fan sent Watt a picture of the first version of his shoes, which were beaten up.

Watt noticed the tweet and told the fan his first pair of JJ III's is on him.

Want to receive early access to the JJ III? Now is your chance!

The shoes are set to be released next week. Fans who would like to receive early access can go here.
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