10 strangest mascots in Texas

Mascots are a big part of school spirit and Friday night lights. These lovable characters have become the personified symbols of our favorite teams as they spend their Friday nights revving up the crowd and engaging in hijinks.

Many schools choose intimidating animals as mascots, but there can only be so many lions, tigers and bears. These Texas schools certainly don't lack for creativity.

  1. Hutto Hippos - Hutto, TX
  2. According to local legend, a hippo escaped from a circus train car and ran into Hutton's Cottonwood Creek. The hippo was eventually prodded back into the train, but the Hutto School adopted the hippopotamus as its mascot as early as 1923.

    Hippos are also pretty dangerous. Although accurate numbers are hard to come by, lore has it that hippos kill more people each year than lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos combined. They are large aggressive creatures with very sharp teeth.

  3. Groesbeck Goats - Groesbeck, TX
  4. Besides the United States Naval Academy and the ill-fated goat of the fictional Blue Mountain State, not many school have a goat as their mascot. This goat looks particularly intimidating with its red eyes that seem to say if you mess with this goat, you get the horns.

  5. Chinquapin Prep Burrs - Highlands, TX
  6. This mascot doesn't appear to be Alexander Hamilton's political rival, Aaron Burr, although that shoot out reenactment would make for an entertaining halftime show and a history lesson.

    The Burr refers to a prickly seed case that clings to clothing and animal fur. Their tagline is, "Burrs rise above the storm." This in an apt saying for a school that helps low-income students achieve their goals.

  7. Polytechnic Parrots - Fort Worth, TX
  8. There are plenty of Buccaneers, Pirates, and Raiders, but what about the other half of that duo?

  9. New Braunfels Unicorns - New Braunfels, TX
  10. The national animal of Scotland (yes, really) has also found a home in New Braunfels. We bet this pep rally had plenty of the colorful Unicorn Frappucinos and other trendy products.

  11. Hamlin Pied Pipers - Hamlin, TX
  12. The legendary rat-catcher hired by the town to lure rats away with his magic pipe was said to be from Hamelin, Germany. We're guessing the decision on this went, "Eh, close enough."

  13. Killeen Kangaroos - Killeen, TX
  14. Kangaroos aren't as cute and cuddly as they seem from afar. They are strong, muscular and dangerous. They're also pretty big team players with usually 50 or more living together. This makes them a compelling mascot.

  15. Booker T Washington Pegasus - Dallas, TX
  16. Sure there are plenty of teams called the Mustangs or Stallions, but what about a powerful horse with wings! If this prominent feature in Greek Mythology can help turn Hercules into a hero, he can help a football team win a game.

  17. Trent Gorillas - Trent, TX
  18. Besides for Pitt, not many teams utilize this giant primate's ferocity. Between cultural icons like King Kong, Mighty Joe Young, Donkey Kong and even Harmabe, it's surprising this mascot doesn't show up much. They're smart, work well with others and strong.

  19. Frost Polar Bears - Frost, TX
  20. It's strange that the largest living carnivores on Earth have been relegated to hockey mascots. No grizzly bear, black bear or panda bear come close to defeating this heavyweight.

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