Speeding cars crash into homes in Stafford

STAFFORD, Texas (KTRK) -- In Stafford the aftermath of speeding cars can be seen in a pile of bricks, a fence taken out, and damage to several corners of the home.

Homeowner Paul Joseph said, "It was a screeching sound for a few minutes so I thought the car came through the fence and hit the wall."

In the middle of the night last month Joseph and his wife woke up to find a car in the yard of their Stafford home.

Joseph said, "The neighbor came with a flashlight and he looked in the car and there was nobody inside."

Police say they believe the speeding car was stolen, the driver ran from the scene and Joseph was left with a complete mess and repairs that will cost almost $20,000.

"Three windows were broken and the front door," said Joseph.

But even more, the couple was shaken.

Joseph says cars constantly speed down Avenue E near Shady Brook Drive.

Four more neighbors have also had cars crash into their homes, one even knocking down a fire hydrant that had to be replaced.

"The cars are going just like on the highways," said Joseph.

Joseph says something must be done and added, "The city should reduce the speed limit."

The speed limit is currently 45mph.

According to Joseph, speed bumps or even a metal or concrete barrier would help.

Joseph says they feel their front yard is now an off-limits danger zone.

"We are worried because anytime, anything can happen," said Joseph.

The public works department for the City of Stafford responded to Joseph's complaint saying they will look into the problem and get back to him.

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