Students upset over Pennsylvania high school's prom dress pre-approval policy

MCSHERRYSTOWN, PA (KTRK) -- A Pennsylvania school wants to make sure students will not wear anything against dress guidelines at this year's prom.

The school board at Delone Catholic High School issued a policy change last week telling students they need to submit a picture of their dresses to be pre-approved.

The school's prom will be on May 1 and students need to submit their pictures before they can buy tickets, reports ABC affiliate WTHM-TV.

School administrators said the policy is necessary to uphold catholic values and moral integrity.

"That's a big expense to be turned away at the door and we are trying to eliminate that difficulty," said Principal Dr. Maureen Thiec.

Parents and students are upset about the timing of the announcement. Some have already bought non-refundable dresses.

One local dress shop owner is working with customers dealing with the policy change.

"I've offered to either exchange the dress for a new one or modify it so it pleases the board," said Simone Hostetter, owner of Simone's Unlimited.

The school said dress guidelines were issued at the beginning of the school year and the only change to the policy is the photo submission.
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