Sasquatch covered in marijuana leaves spotted during live report about snow storm

SPRINGFIELD, MA (KTRK) -- When you work in the news biz, you never know what's going to happen, especially on live TV.

A reporter in Massachusetts has quite the story to tell after Sasquatch was spotted while she was doing a live report about the snow storm Thursday.

In the corner of the screen, viewers could see the mythical creature creeping into the reporter's shot.

"You can see the visibility has been reduced. I've seen countless spin outs and..., " reporter Jennifer Pagliei said.

She turned around, the camera panned over to show the snow, and Pagliei realizes a person dressed as Sasquatch covered in marijuana leaves was right behind her.

It made for a great TV moment as Pagliei and the anchors back in the studio started laughing.

The beast appeared to be enjoying the snow, running around and falling down.

"Can we get a live interview with him," Pagliei said after her live report.

It's unclear who the person was the behind the costume, but it sure made for a funny report.
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