Protect yourself with these safety gadgets for under $20

If you're looking for the perfect device to protect you from thieves, ABC13 Eyewitness News found some good devices under $20.

Pepper Gel
Instead of pepper spray, you should use pepper gel. Experts say that when using spray many people have accidentally sprayed themselves.

The gel is target-specific and can stick to the suspect's face. Police say depending on the color of the gel, it could help them identify the attacker on site.

Amazon has the gel available for $15.

Card Knife
Police say this could be a good option, but keep in mind the time you'll need to deploy the small knife.

The blade reportedly appears to be an acceptable length in Texas. Also, be aware that you have the weapon in your pocket if you go through airport security.

Amazon has the knife for $10.

Key-chain Alarm
The device is loud and can alert others that you need help. It can be found for $10 to 20 dollars, and fits in your pocket.

Stun Gun
This small device can easily fit in purses, and can give you enough time to plan your escape. Several can be found for $20.
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