Blame it on Tom Brady: Man in Mont Belvieu explains reason for slipping on silky, red dress

MONT BELVIEU, Texas (KTRK) -- A man seen on Mont Belvieu streets sporting a dress says it's Tom Brady's fault he had to slip on the little red number in the first place.

Jose Rivas was captured on camera wearing the dress at a busy intersection near Barbers Hill School on Sunday and holding a sign reading, "No money needed. I just suck at fantasy football."

The photo made the rounds on social media, causing many to wonder what exactly led to the colorful sight.

Rivas says an interception thrown by the New England Patriots quarterback caused him to finish in last place in his fantasy football league.

But he took losing the bet in stride.

"Four dollars will get you a custom, soft, silk dress that blows gently in the breeze when you're holding a sign. Because even when you're embarrassed, you've still got to look good," Rivas told ABC13.

Rivas says one year someone refused to wear a dress and was kicked out of the league.

Clearly, he wasn't taking any chances.

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