Madison HS principal responds to adult dress code controversy

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The principal of a Houston high school is reacting to pushback after she implemented a dress code for parents.

The Houston ISD school sent a mandate to parents earlier this month asking them to model appropriate attire, in an effort to teach their children how to dress when applying for a job, or going nearly anywhere outside of the home setting.

The school's new principal, Carlotta Outley Brown, signed off on the parent dress code.

Banned items include sagging pants and shorts, pajamas of any kind, shower caps, hair rollers and revealing clothing.

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Madison's principal reacts to push-back since she announced adult dress code.

Many parents reacted negatively towards the new policy.

Friday, Brown reinforced why the code is in effect.

"I felt a need to enact a dress code because it's an educational environment, a place of learning," Brown said. "And when anyone walks in, we have impressionable children and we have to model what we want them to know."

Brown said some parents have arrived at school in inappropriate clothes. "One instance, a mother came in with a see-through shirt and you could see her breast and nipples."

Anyone not following the rules set out in the letter will not be allowed inside the school until they return "appropriately dressed for the school setting."

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We spoke to Rosemary Young, who had to rush to the school to get her child after her younger son broke his arm.

She says due to the emergency, she had to wear a satin cap, and school officials handed her a copy of the new parent dress code. She says they are out of line.

"It doesn't matter how a parent should come," Young said. "If we come here belligerent, out of control, things of that nature, that's what you have the police for, but what I wear should never be an issue. I'm not revealing. I'm not doing anything. I don't have any weapons."

The letter continues, stating that Madison High School intends to set high standards in order to prepare children for a "prosperous future."

The parent clothing guidelines will apply to any Madison High School events, even those off the school premises.

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The school says this dress code is all about helping students, by keeping the atmosphere dignified and free of distractions.

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