Is your home office really helping you work? Get some tips from a professional organizer!

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- Nowadays, offices are popping up in a lot of unexpected place, but is your new work space really helping you work?

"Trying to create as much normalcy as possible is what you want to do," explained Julie Hibbs, the owner of professional organizing company Squared Away.

Hibbs is also working from home these days, and she's telling her clients to keep their usual schedules as much as possible.

"Getting up at the same time, kind of keeping your same morning routine, finding a great work space that is not the kitchen table that you're going to have to dismantle every time you get back into space," she explained.

When it comes to kids and pets, it all depends on your personality.

"I think it's different for everybody. Some work great as a group and others like to have peace and quiet," Hibbs said. "If you're going to be distracted by everything everybody else is doing, then I would say you need to have your own space."

It's also a great time to get organized.

Hibbs is advising all her clients to use the extra time at home to start purging.

"Most things can be replaced in twenty minutes for twenty dollars and it really is just stuff," Hibbs said. "So, you can use a time guideline like, 'Have I used it or have I worn it,' but you know whether or not you need something."
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