Houston-area biker gals join forces to do good

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A group of bikers loves to ride around town, but they're not just riding for fun. They're also working with charities and giving back.

This group of gals on two wheels may look bad to the bone, but don't be mistaken.

Rider Darque Skyn said, "Non-riders have an image of us, and it's not so good, but we're lawyers, doctors, hair stylists. We come from all walks of life, and this is just something we enjoy."

The Tru Souljas, Steal Heals, and Dyme Peece motorcycle clubs regularly join forces to ride.

Rider Rage said, "We have that one-love-on-two-wheels mentality that just really brings us together."

A part of the fun is earning a special nickname. From Blaze to Miss Jazzy, they say the name speaks to their personalities.

And while they have lots of fun, their main goal is to put a positive stamp on their communities.

Rage said, "We always come together as different clubs in the community, and we do different events, such as Operation Backpack, we do (an) all-female breast cancer ride, we do a huge tailgate at the end of the year for a food drive for the Harvest Hope Food Bank."

Rider Sweet Mocha added, "When you show respect, you get respect. When you show love, you get love, so that's what this is all about."

On this day, with these women, I certainly felt the love. They even gave me an honorary name for when I finally join them for a ride: Spice. null
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