Homeowners upset with loud noises coming from nearby drilling rig

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Homeowners upset with loud noises coming from nearby drilling rig (KTRK)

Homeowners in Brazoria County say a drilling operation nearby has destroyed the serenity of their neighborhood.

They live in a small neighborhood called Chenango Ranch, located off FM 521 and Chenango Road.

"When your windows vibrate it's really not that easy to sleep at night," said Ryan Olivier, a concerned homeowner.

He just built what he calls his "dream home," moving in with his family less than a month ago.

He says in that time there has been a noise coming from a oil drilling rig located just northeast of the property.

It's a noise which he says can be best equated to the ongoing bass from a giant sound system.

"Every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," Olivier said.

Homeowner Tamela Edwards has resorted to using ear plugs at night. That's the only way she said she can sleep at night. But she says she can still feel the vibrations.

"It rattles our office walls, rattles bedroom walls and all of the neighbor's bedroom windows are shaking. I mean, it's just constant," Edwards said.

Olivier, a pastor at a local church, has been calling the Brazoria County Sheriff's office when it gets bad, even tracking the noise with an app on his phone.

At worst he says it's been 89 decibels, slightly greater than what he's been told the county noise ordinance allows.

"Apparently there's nothing they can do to a business that operates past 85 decibels," Olivier said.

The neighbors told Eyewitness News that those running the rig said they would stop after a week or so when they reached 3,000 to 4,000 feet.

"We went from talking about this to, 'Please talk to our lawyers now.' And there's really no end in sight," said Matthew Moreno, who is also troubled by the noise.

The rig is operated by Brazoria Hydrocarbon and Precision Drilling. They have refused comment, despite repeated attempts.
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