Teen nearly killed after saving 2 small children from horrific crash on Hwy 288

LAKE JACKSON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Brazoria County teenager is being hailed a hero after a horrific crash.

Timmy Ennis, 19, suffered severe injuries. He's currently being treated at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center.

Eyewitnesses told ABC13 Ennis was in the backseat of his best friend's car. Ennis, his best friend, his best friend's girlfriend, and the couple's 2 young children were traveling southbound on Highway 288 in Lake Jackson when they ran out of gas.

The mother, Ally Flores, said they laughed about the ordeal as they pulled onto the shoulder. Flores said her daughter Zariah, 2, and her 3-month-old son Marcus were next to Ennis.

Flores told Eyewitness News they saw a pickup truck about to collide with their Impala.

In the split seconds which followed, Flores said Ennis tried to shield the children.

"He really saved our daughter's life. They're best friends. That's like her second father," said Flores. "Zariah was underneath Timothy. He pushed her down so she wouldn't get the impact of the car. He basically saved both of my kids' life. Like Timmy's side was barely hit, Timothy moved over so the impact wouldn't hit my kids."

Although Marcus suffered some brain trauma, doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Ennis is in the fight of his life. His mother, Melissa Ennis, said her son is heavily sedated. He suffered broken bones, brain swelling, and a punctured lung.

"A lot of people down there (Brazoria County) know him. They know him as just 19-year-old free going, Timmy. You know. Nothing important. No, he's a hero," said Ennis. "He's always been, my hero. Now, he really is a hero."

His family, friends, and community have taken to social media sharing his story with the #TimmyStrong as they continue to pray for a recovery. They've started selling shirts with the caption "not all heroes wear capes" to help raise money for mounting medical bills. You can learn more here.

Plus, a GoFundMe account has been created.

Lake Jackson police said the crash remains an active investigation.
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